Our lives were changed the day we visited the Bay Church. We came to the church to witness one of our best friend’s baptism. We didn’t spend much time in church prior to this. So everything felt quite foreign. We still remember that feeling we had during worship. Something was happening inside of us. We wanted to cry, but they weren’t tears of sadness. It was an overwhelming feeling of joy. My husband and I didn’t quite understand it at the time, but as we spent more time in the church and breaking bread with this community, we came to realize that God was always there. His Spirit was always with us. He was with us before that first day we stepped through the doors, and he was with us in that moment during worship. The joy was always there. We just couldn’t see it until we accepted Jesus in our hearts and grew our relationship with God. The Bay Church saved our marriage and in turn, made us a stronger family.

What we love most about this place is the culture. The culture is diverse, it’s inviting, and it feels safe. The diversity of the church reminds us of the Bay Area, where all nationalities, all ages, and all walks of life are welcome. Our family feels safe when we are here. The pastors and staff are always welcoming and always available in any time of need. We know that in any event, good or bad, we have the support of our pastors and staff. Being plugged into the Bay Church has connected our family to many great resources that have had a huge impact on us as individuals as well as our family. This church has helped grow our faith from when it was as small as a mustard seed to a beautiful tree of great faith. Our family was once lost but the Bay Church helped us find our way to God.