Looking for a new home church in Concord CA is a process that has the potential to discourage you while on your pursuit. Some of us may have a preconceived idea that there’s a perfect church out there for us… well, I hate to pop that bubble, but there’s not. If you’ve been a part of a church long enough you’ll figure out that not one church is perfect. Churches are filled with a mixture of people, all of whom are flawed to one extent or another. However, we see in Scripture how vital it is for us to connect in community by planting roots within a church. Do your best to find a solid church that honors the Bible, holds the essential beliefs of Christianity and walks out what God created the church to be. As you search for a church, remember to pray for God’s guidance too. Don’t be overwhelmed; here are five things to help you with your search for your new church home.


  1. Community

Real-life change happens in the context of authentic relationships. Small groups provide a place where you can have a sense of belonging. A church that focuses on community and growth outside of a Sunday gathering should be at the top of your list. At The Bay Church, we have 100+ groups that help you walk through life with others and grow in your faith. God created us to live life closely with others. Find a church that focuses on the community.


  1. Family

Being a part of a church should involve the whole family! When looking for a home church make sure to include your kids in the process. Ask your children how their experience was. Our children’s ministry at The Bay Church includes interactive and relevant teachings and experiences where kids won’t want to leave; I know I don’t every time I visit the Kids Zone. In addition to focusing on your kids, make sure your next church home focuses on marriages and gives resources to strengthen marriages and relationships.


  1. Outreach

When you’re visiting churches to find your new home, pay attention to how they are reaching out to others. Look for ways they are taking care of the orphans, widows, poor, and marginalized. Finding a church that is actively showing and practicing what they preach is the type of church you’ll want to call home. Our Compassion ministries at The Bay Church focus on meeting the tangible needs of those in our community. This could look like providing showers to the homeless, providing additional aid to students in our public schools, or simply giving a new pair of shoes to those in need.


  1. Biblical Instruction

Our lives and faith should not grow stagnant. Look for a church that is developing and disciplining people. Being a part of a church that strengthens your faith, your marriage, how you raise your kids should be the #1 thing you look for in a home church. Our weekend experiences at The Bay Church always focus on the truth and principles of the Bible and how they apply to our daily lives. We also have an easy pathway for spiritual formation through Growth Track. It will help you to grow more in your understanding of who God is, who you are, and how to live the life God created for you.


  1. Diversity

You won’t have to journey far into the Bible to see God’s heart for diversity. Being a part of a church that reflects the diversity of the Bay Area is something worth celebrating. Churches should focus on the inclusion, appreciation, and valuing of various races and cultures. When you’re on the pursuit of looking for a new church, make sure it also looks like home to you.